Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Notice

Capital Pups and Handlers (CAP-PAH) is committed to safeguarding and
maintaining the privacy of your personal information.  In order for CAP-PAH
to provide our services, it is necessary for us to collect, store, and
process personal information of our website visitors. Additionally, we may
share this information with third parties in order to perform business
related tasks such as checking registration.

Information Collected

In general, CAP-PAH collects and processes information voluntarily provided
by you in order to receive requested information and/or services, and
information automatically collected upon your navigation of our websites.
Some examples of this include:

1. providing your e-mail to sign up for newsletters
2. supplying personal information when submitting a PAH application
3. entering event pre-registration information
4. paying fees through Paypal

CAP-PAH processes voluntarily supplied personal information to achieve the
following purposes:

1. To improve our websites and services
2. To respond to your requests or inquiries
3. To provide newsletters, announcements, event invitations, and other
information that we believe may be of interest to you
4. To perform business processes such as registration for events

Some of the ways CAP-PAH collects information automatically is through
cookies and web beacons. This information is collected to help integrate
features on the site, provide analytics for CAP-PAH use, or to perform
business processes.

Consent to use information voluntarily provided by you may be requested to
be removed at any time. This may be through “unsubscribing” from our
newletters or submitting an email with an Information Removal Request to a
Board Officer.