Chat Rules and Policies

Chat Rules and Moderation Policies

* 18 years old or older, no exceptions.
* No explicit or Not Safe For Work (NSFW) discussions or pictures.
* No underage discussions or pictures.
* No zoophilia or beastiality discussions or pictures.
* No outing or shaming anyone in any manner.
* No bullying or attacking others.
* No talk of federally illegal substances or organizations.
* No controversial talk of politics or religion.
* No talk of rape, consensual non-consensual or otherwise.
* No blocking all admins or you will be removed immediately.

* All non-Capital PAH advertising must be approved by a moderator or it will be removed.

In the event a moderator issues a warning to anyone, please comply and message the moderator for more information if needed.

Two warnings will result in a 24 hour ban and three warnings will result in a 1 month ban. Talk of illegal activities or repeat warnings will result in a permanent ban.

Moderators exercise discretion and reserve the right to ban individuals who violate chat rules.

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