Capital Pups and Handlers Membership Form

Legal Information:

Disclosure: CAP-PAH requires that all members provide the above data. CAP-PAH takes privacy of its members seriously. All information is kept completely private and is required to ensure your security as well as the security and privacy of other members. Please note at all CAP-PAH events, membership can be checked against valid identification. Please make sure the names you register match your identification or you will not be allowed entry.

Confidentiality: Membership in CAP-PAH is considered confidential only the current board or designated individuals have access to the membership list.

Membership Information:

Disclosure: CAP-PAH does not require that all members provide data requested in the below section with the exception of a valid email. CAP-PAH takes privacy of its members seriously. The information you provide in this section will be what is seen by other members, and in rare cases, the public at large. Please fill in the information you wish to be addressed by, to include preferred name and pronouns.

Enter one sponsoring member for associate and two for full membership