About Us

Originally called DC-PAH, Capital Pups and Handlers began as an idea in the spring of 2017 when a small group of people came together to build a strong pup and handler community for the Capital region. That group included four of the original board members – Centaurian, Daddy Grant, Kyle the Hooman, and Meadow, along with several others who contributed greatly but had to step away from the Club.

By December of 2017 Capital-PAH was organizing social events for the community like a puppy themed holiday gift exchange at the DC Eagle’s monthly pup night and a pup brunch during the MLK weekend in January 2018 that drew over 80 participants all across the country as the Mid Atlantic Leather event was happening in DC.

In February 2018 Capital-PAH went public and invited in the founding members, who included the remaining three members of our initial board – Obie, Pup Phoenix, and Pup Pocus. That spring the name change to Capital Pups and Handlers was made official, and the community quickly grew to over 30 members. In November 2018 Capital-PAH officially became incorporated in the District of Columbia and it continues to grow and expand.

As of January 2018 Capital-PAH was involved with up to six events per month, had approximately 40 members, and was working to continue supporting all pups and handlers in our region with social events and outlets, and educational resources in a a safe and welcoming environment in line with our mission and identity.

Identity Statement:

Capital Pups and Handlers is a social club for persons 18 years of age or older; of all genders and gender expressions; races and ethnicities; sexual orientations; creeds and religions; and those with perceived sensory, mental, or physical disabilities. The primary region of focus is the District of Columbia metropolitan region, defined as the area within a 50-mile radius from the center of the Washington Monument

Mission Statement:

Capital Pups and Handlers will give Pup and Handler-identified individuals a social space to meet, socialize, and play together. The Organization’s sponsored activities must be a safe and welcoming environment that offers fun and educational opportunities for all persons identifying as or curious about the Pup and Handler community.