Pup Nite

7/17 Virtual Pup Nite

Virtual Pup Nite
Friday, July 17th @ 8 PM to 10 PM

✔️ 18+ to join
✔️ Virtual Meet Up Using Zoom
✔️ Computer / Webcam Recommended
✔️ Street Clothes / Gear

Capital PAH invites you to join us for virtual dinner and a time to reconnect! If you need a space to have dinner, snack on some noms, chat, reconnect, or meet new pupple, hop on Zoom and join us! Hope to see you there!

Using a web browser, join online at capitalpah.org/zoom

Conference Call Etiquette Applies. Please Mute Your Mic when not speaking or to lessen background noise. Gear is allowed, but should be PG13. Some functions may require the Raise Hand feature or answering polls to participate. Woof!

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